Bollywood to Baldywood: Bala and Other Balding yet Beautiful Celebrities

The teaser to Ayushmann Khurrana’s upcoming release Bala just came out and we have already fallen in love with the ease with which the young and fairly well-maned actor is pulling off the balding, middle-aged man look. Male pattern baldness is a fairly common condition yet it continues to torment millions of men around the world. Well, here is hope. Baldness is not the end to your boldness or handsomeness. Here are 5 Bollywood actors who have battled hairy issues to inspire you.

1) Amitabh Bachchan

Big B, the biggest, the best, the brightest star of them all is tall, handsome, and has battled his own share of hair issues. It is almost common knowledge that he wears a wig, but that is not the first thing on our minds each time we see him on screen. Wig or not, he can still make the ladies (and gentlemen) scream.

2) Anupam Kher

For as long as one can remember Anupam Kher has not had much hair on his head. He was quite young when he began balding. In one interview he even mentioned how he experimented with a rustic Indian ‘remedy’ of applying camel urine on the head to get his hair back. But his baldness has not come in the way of the elegance he exudes. When you have style and substance, it matters little how much hair you have on your head. It is what inside the head that matters more.

3) Askhaye Khanna

Akshaye Khanna was hot when he first came on the scene and then one day he was not. Askhaye’s balding phase was the butt of many jokes. The actor tried everything from hair transplants to even wearing caps to hide his situation. But with age comes acceptance and since he has embraced his balding with a full on shaved head you have to admit he looks rather dashing. Also his salt-and-pepper hair piece in the Accidental Prime Minister really suits him, no?

4) Vivek Oberoi

Vivek of the wispy, flyaway hair has recently emerged with a very different looking head of thick, more robust looking mane. His secret? Hair transplant. It is an expensive procedure and not necessarily painless, but going by Vivek’s revitalized, youthful look one could say it is worth it sometimes.

5) Akshay Kumar

Akki is the one with the god bod, great skin, and a general glow of fitness that very few in Bollywood can even attempt to match. Believe it or not though, kabhi bang, kabhi boom, Akshay, Akshay, kabhi bald bhi thay! At least if rumours and some scant photographic evidence are to believed Akshay was beginning to get a line of hairlessness close to his forehead. Rumours also say he restored his looks with a hair weave. If you know more about this one, let us know.

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