Dhoni Ziva

Dhoni Ziva
Dhoni & Ziva set major father-daughter relationship goals

She’s the apple of her daddy’s eye and her Instagram account boasts of 12.7 K followers. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may be in the know of the adorable antics of Ziva and her darling daddy, our very own captain cool, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, that break the Internet every other day. So much so, the father-daughter set major relationship goals everytime a cute video or endearing picture of the duo debuts online. Before we go crazy over the cuteness quotient, we do need to acknowledge Sakshi Dhoni’s brilliant behind the camera magic that makes all the snaps and videos oh-so-lovable!

The aww factor

The adorable cutesy arrived in Mahi and Sakshi’s life on February 6, 2015. Whenever Mahi isn’t keeping wickets or running between them, he moonlights as the affable doting dad who’d do and be anything that his daughter wants him to do and be. For instance, giving her a demo of army crawl, having an “Attack on besan ka laddoo” or playing with her in a packed stadium post Chennai Super Kings match even as enchanted spectators were left asking for more.





Fatherhood goals just got tougher for us mortals

Social media sensation both, the dashing dad and the darling daughter break the Internet whenever they post aww-inspiring snaps or videos. The zillion likes their posts garner bear testimony to our statement. Not to mention how Mahi sets many hearts aflutter any time he talks about “daddy’s duties”. For instance, the video where he blow-dries Ziva’s hair with perfection and rightly captions it as, “Game over, had a nice sleep now back to Daddy’s duties.” Or when he plays with the munchkin in the sand and titles the video: “As a kid whenever v got sand this was one thing v would do for sure.”

The legendary dad is always in awe of Ziva

Did you know Mahi could shake a leg? Well, thanks to Ziva we do know now. The cherub sure makes her dad dance to her tunes. No wonder Mahi admits in one such video that his daughter, “Dances better than the father at least”. In another video he tags his little angel and admits that it’s “Even better when we are dancing @zivasinghdhoni006”.


A language expert & an ambassador promoting healthy eating habits

A video of the two sharing greetings in Bhojpuri and Tamil won the Internet so much that it gathered over 7 M views. Dhoni put it as, “Greetings in two language”. The charming daughter also makes sure that her daddy eats healthy, so she sweetly makes him chomp a carrot. “Ziva’s bugs bunny @zivasinghdhoni006”, Mahi hilariously captions the video.


Can’t get enough of this delightful daddy-daughter chemistry

Captain Cool and his daughter dearest’s adorable antics charm one and all. In one such video titled by MSD as, “When Ziva wanted to give a hug to papa during the match”, little Ziva insists on giving her dad, who is at the crease, a hug. With her super cute convincing skills and sweet voice, Ziva wins our hearts. Want to see more of daddy-daughter duo’s adventures? Yes please, we say!

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