Independent India’s first captain: Lala Amarnath

Independent India’s first captain: Lala Amarnath

When he used to bowl, the nation would wait till the time he’d introduce his next move. Whether it was walking a mile to bowl within the crease or taking four bounces to bowl his best, Lala Amarnath is one cricketer who’s still alive in all cricket lovers.
Here are a few facts about the legend who reframed Indian Cricket:

1) The beginning of his career

The cricketer started his career by playing for Southern Punjab and soon made a mark. He scored 109 runs against MCC in the 1933 and was all over the newspapers and radio channels. He had played for Gujrat, Maharaja of Patiala’s XI, Hindus, Uttar Pradesh, and the Railways before joining the Indian team.

2) The first captain of independent India

Lala Amarnath was honoured as the Caption of Indian Test team in November 1947. His first match was in Australia where he performed as the first skipper of the Test team.

3) Most remarkable performance

The Indian cricketer made history by becoming the first Test centurion. It was a big day for India as he reached such a height while playing against England.

4) First series victory

Under his captaincy, team India also won the first series victory against Pakistan. India won the first match of the innings by 70 runs, while Pakistan won the second by 43 runs. India took all the wickets in the third match and Pakistan lost again. The fourth and fifth test match were both draw and the Indian team won the Test match series 2-1.

5) Overall performance

Lala Amarnath played 186 matches and scored an overall run of 10,426. These included 39 half-centuries and 31 centuries. The highest he ever scored single-handedly was 262 runs. He also took 436 wickets and was known to be a medium-paced bowler with a strike rate of about 63.6

6) Accolades

Lala Amarnath received the prestigious Padma Bhushan in 1991, for his astounding contribution to Indian cricket. In 2011, the BCCI honoured the late cricketer by instituting an award in his name for the Best All-rounder in Ranji Trophy and Best All-rounder in Limited Overs.
Lala was a staunch individual and his contribution towards Indian cricket is still talked about. Commentators still mention how he was the only cricketer to dismiss Australian legend Don Bradman out hit-wicket. Being a true inspiration, he aspirers many to follow his footsteps and bring more glory to the sport.

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